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From Dublin Airport by Car
This is now a shorter Journey time due to the ring road M50 around Dublin being completely done. The airport is on the northside of Dublin and we are on the southside .

On leaving the airport, take the road for M1 and M50 and then you come to the airport roundabout, it has a large pointy stone in it ,go round the turn and take the road for Dublin M1 (2nd turn) On this sign you will also see roads for N2,N3,N4,N7,N1,N81 these are all turn offs on the M50.

Keep to the left hand lane for the M50 turn off and turn off to M50 southside , this turnoff can have a tailback at busy times .

Drive the M50 to the exit 16 at Cherrywood and do not go off at exit 14 which is marked for Dunlaoghaire as they have still not taken the sign down after finishing the last part of the road.

At exit 16 turnoff follow the signs for R118 which is a straight road with a roundabout , 8 sets of lights ,roundabout ( take 2nd turn off for R118 ), 4 sets of lights ,and then a large roundabout and at this, take the 4th turn off , it is marked for Dalkey and Killiney.

150 yards (metres) down this road you will see a pedestrian traffic light, turn left at it and down Adelaide Road , pass the church on your left and next turn left unto Claremont Villas , house is 7 doors in , red door.

Time on the M50 is 30-40 minutes and from exit 16 to B&B about 8 minutes. There is a small toll to be paid on the M50.

From N11
Coming up the N11/M11 you will come to a large roundabout, go straight though and get into left hand lane and turn off and under the bridge ahead, turn left and over the bridge and go on straight until you come to a roundabout, take the second turn and go down the walled road to the next roundabout, take the fourth turn and go through two sets of pedestrian lights, take a left turn immediately after that second light and go down Adelaide road, over the railway bridge and turn left into Claremont Villas, B&B is 7 doors in, Red door.

From Dublin Port
On leaving Dublin port, turn left and go over the East Link Bridge. Follow the Directions now on second paragraph above from the airport.

From Dublin Airport by public transport (Aircoach)
Outside the main doors of Dublin Airport, take the pedestrian overpass to the second road from the airpot and to the left there is a bus called the Aircoach. Take the Dalkey/Kiliney direction route to the Glasthule stop. From there it's a 5 minute walk to the BnB (see area map below).

For more information and timetables see Aircoach